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Subscription Linking Solution

The New Yorker was established in 1925, and has primarily existed as a print edition that is published 47 times annually. Print subscriptions automatically include digital access as well, so users can read on their mobile devices on the go. Previously, readers would have to jump through hurdles by calling customer service to access their digital subscription.  Because of this we saw it imperative to build a cleaner user experience, that resulted in the flows shown.

Results: 50% increase conversion across desktop, 75% mobile.

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As print moves into the digital space, it was high business priority to boost digital subscriptions and learn about what interactive experiences users responded to. Shown is a drawer that nearly doubled subscriptions compared to the previous, jarring pop up.

Results: 200% conversion increase on desktop

Tag Pages

TNY has a wide breadth of content, everything from Profiles and Cultural Comment, to Food and Humor. From a business perspective it was necessary to boost the website from an SEO perspective. A strategy in doing this was to beef up the tag pages by showcasing our top stories, contributors, and stream of chronological content.

Results: Improved SEO and tag impressions

Password Recovery Experience.

The New Yorker's account management user experience was clunky and difficult to navigate. Our readers come first, and we took the opportunity to improve the UX in addition to adding brand voice into even one of the most annoying scenarios. Illustrations courtesy of Luc Melanson.

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Recirculation Strategy

Research has shown that users are most likely to convert based off of two factors: a) The increased time spent on, and b) multiple article views.  We saw this as an opportunity to AB test different recirculation module designs, pieces of metadata, and page depth. 

Results: 20% Increase in 'pages viewed' KPI