AbleTo is a leading provider of virtual behavioral health care. Deep behavioral health insights and an integrated proprietary platform identifies and engages the right patients with the right support, when and how they want it. Their proven programs improve clinical outcomes and AbleTo is proven to improve health outcomes and reduce medical costs with a program that earns high satisfaction scores from patients.


My Role


Systems design
Visual Design
Digital product design


Design system: 6 weeks
Email system: 2 weeks
Marketing website: 3 weeks


Nicole Nussbaum / Product Design
Tasnima Tanzim / Product Design
Chelsea Weber / Marketing Design

Darren Galway / Engineering

During multiple engagements at AbleTo, I had the privilege of contributing as an independent designer on diverse projects. Initially, I collaborated with the design and engineering teams to establish and refine the Figma design library, utilizing my expertise to ensure its seamless integration. Additionally, I embarked on a distinct assignment to extend the system's scope to encompass email collateral, employing my creative skills to amplify its impact. Lastly, I had the opportunity to develop a captivating visual editorial component system, drawing inspiration from the visually striking rebrand elements of the AbleTo marketing website. 

Figma Library

My first project at AbleTo involved architecting the infrastructure for an atomic design system component library. This library was designed to evolve and accommodate the brand and its three products, including two consumer-facing applications and one platform. The end result was a cohesive design system through Figma library design system tokens. These tokens, consisting of reusable design elements and components, played a vital role in ensuring consistent and harmonious user interfaces across various projects. 

They encompassed properties such as colors, typography, spacing, icons, and other visual elements, enabling designers to maintain visual consistency, improve efficiency, and facilitate scalability throughout the design process.


Ableto had recieved new brand guidelines that included color, type, and some basic shapes and textures from the agency Red Antler. I was tasked with using this system as a foundaton for visual treatments and editorial components to be used across the website, 

Worked in close collaboration with the marketing and legal teams to understand each page, value proposition, and diagramatic element needed to adequately showcase company mission and value.

Creating meaning with system shapes: learn, rethink, reflect and grow


Before + After


Schematic sketches